Feeling like a backwards squirrel

You know how every fall the squirrels will gather their acorns and treasures as they get ready for the cold winter. That’s kinda how things are starting to feel around here. We have been gathering our treasures as we get ready for the hot summer. So far our collection includes:

  • more synthetic grass for the pool area
  • more chairs to go around the pools
  • a playhouse for the playground
  • some BBQ’s for the rooms and camping cabin
  • an air hockey table
  • a little play kitchen for the Rec Building
  • a basketball hoop
  • a bunch of other miscellaneous supplies and things
  • I still have a few things that I am waiting to order until we can actually see the ground – umbrellas for the pool area and a dome climber for the playground.  Also still working on updating some of the toys and games in the play area.

We are starting to get a little anxious and ready to get going with this outside stuff that’s for sure.  I know a lot of our campers are feeling the same way. We have had a few out for a drive already this “spring”. I have a couple coming out today to have a look around at some of the seasonal campsites.  It’s officially 17 days until I turn the power on. Unfortunately it looks like shovels will be required for our die hard campers this year.

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