Spring Update

It finally looks like spring has sprung and I’m sure everyone agrees that it is nice to be able to get out and enjoy some fresh air after being stuck inside for so long.  I don’t think I have ever been so happy to see mud puddles. Usually I hate all the mud and muck that comes with spring, but you won’t catch me complaining that’s for sure.

We have been clearing the snow off the roadways to the campsites so, most areas are now accessible on foot. Until we get some more melting and drying only the main road is open to vehicle traffic. If you are coming out though be prepared as most areas do still have lots of snow in the sites.

manitoba campground snow

Manitoba Campground opening April

It is surprising how much the snow is dropping each day. Last time I checked the forecast the low tonight was supposed to stay above freezing and a high in the double digits for tomorrow. Assuming that hasn’t changed yet, that should take care of lots more. I saw yesterday that last year we had snow up until April 27. I will go out on a limb and say it will be gone earlier this year.

Even if we do have snow left next week, the power will still be turned on. Needless to say, the only water at the sites will be on the ground. It is usually early May before we can turn the water system.  The Rec Building is open for anyone that is planning to come out though. I know we have some die hard campers that have already been out to snow blow getting ready for the long weekend.

However I apologize but I don’t thing the mini golf will be open at that time

Campground mini golf

countdown to camping

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