Have you entered yet?

Our contest page has been updated with a couple new contests to kick off this Spring. Be sure to get your name entered to win $30 Ducky Bucks or an Activities Package. Check back in a couple months to see what our next prize will be.  If you are planning to stop by the Manitoba RV Show next weekend make sure you come to our booth to enter our free draw for a Rubber Ducky Hoodie and coupons worth over $60.

Last, but not least we have even added a whole weekend of contest fun on May 2 and 3. There will be door prize draws both Friday and Saturday; a guessing contest; maybe even a little trivia contest so start studying up on Rubber Ducky trivia. This will also be our annual Pluck a Duck weekend – Pluck a duck when you register and save up to 50% our regular rates. You can’t win if you’re not here, so start planning now.

Enter to win

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