Who remembers?

Yep the weather has not been the greatest over the last few days. We were happy to see the rain at first since it will help our grass grow and our lakes fill but, enough is enough. We’re good for a while. There was actually a surprising number of die hard campers out this weekend. I only had one cancellation because of the weather.

So now back to my opening question – Who remembers what happened a year ago? That’s right it was the great hail storm of 2011. Here’s a flashback link to my previous post. I remember a few of us gathering in the Rec Building watching in amazement as the ground turned white. Despite the wet start last summer turned out pretty darn good so here’s hoping this summer is the same.  As I type, the sun has come out and the clouds are gone away. Things are looking up for the rest of the week and into the weekend.

This weekend is our Annual ‘Duck the Tax Weekend’. That means we pay the taxes for you on your camping fees. There is a new twist to our Saturday Afternoon ice cream socials. You now have the option of vanilla soft ice cream. Also this weekend is going to be Bubble Zone and movie night in the outdoor theater. The movie is tentatively Kung Fu Panda 2. Oh and don’t forget all that splashin’ in the pool and relaxin’ in the hot tub. There was one little ducky that was not found during this past weekend’s ducky hunt. He is still hiding and patiently waiting for someone to find him. If you are camping this weekend be sure to check at the office to see if he has been found. If you find him just bring him to the office to claim your prize.

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