Where the green grass grows

I have had a few people asking for an update so I figured it was time to take advantage of a sunny day and head out to the new campsites with my camera in hand. Other than grass growing and leaves coming out there hasn’t been a lot going on over the last week or so.  Mother nature has had a small hand in that, but hopefully she has fixed the leak in her plumbing and adjusted her thermostat. As you will see from some of the pictures it was still not completely dry yet. It made for a good workout though with some mud weights added to the bottom of my shoes.  I may be slightly biased, but these sites are turning out even better than we had planned. As the saying goes, the pictures just don’t do it justice though. You need to come out and listen to the birds and the frogs as you walk around and experience the transformation for yourself. Although we had a vision of how these sites would turn out when they were completed it isn’t until we get to this green grass stage that you can walk out there and just say “Wow”. Keep in mind as you follow us on this expansion journey it was only 2 short years ago that the whole area was wide open field with not a tree in sight. I have tried to keep a timeline by taking similar pictures each time I go out. The before pictures were taken in mid to late April.

Waterfront on North Lake

Waterfront on North Lake

And now just some random shots, no more befores

As I walked I noticed that lots of the trees had a couple feet of bare branches sticking out the top. I don’t know a lot about plants and trees so maybe someone can enlighten me and correct me if I am wrong. To me it appears that this is all new growth from this spring. It looks like the tree has done some growing and the leaves still have to catch up. It looks a little silly right now but another couple feet this year is great.

For no particular reason I just thought I should throw in a picture of the shiny, new dump truck.

South Pond

To most people this looks like a piece of dirt. To me this looks like a lot of hard work by our awesome staff. The forecast was calling for rain and they managed to get the whole area seeded in time. Without their effort the grass would not be this green right now.

And that concludes our picture tour. Stay tuned for more.

Happy camping.

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