Spreading our Wings

If you have driven past the campground lately, you may be wondering what going on. Well here’s the scoop….

There will be lots of changes happening at Rubber Ducky this year – We are expanding! The construction is already under way on a second pool and hot tub. The proposed opening date is July Long weekend, just in time for our campers to enjoy the great Manitoba summer by the pool. This new pool and hot tub will both be larger than our current ones. There is also going to be some fun features like a water umbrella, a spray tree and even a couple benches for relaxing. It’s definately gonna be a popular place on a long hot summer day.

The next phase of campsites will be located between the existing campground and Scrapyard Paintball. This area will also include 2 man made lakes which will be perfect for paddle boats, rowboats and other floating objects. Some of the seasonal campsites will even be waterfront lots along the shores of the lakes.  The plans also include some pull through and back in sites for daily, weekly or monthly sites.  We are expecting that these sites will also be ready to go sometime in early July.

Despite the construction the fun times at the duck will still continue. Our activity schedule has most weekends filled in now and I still have some things in the works. One of which is a grand opening weekend for the expansion which is going to include a time capsule. Everyone who is camping that weekend will have the opportunity to place a small item, note or picture in the capsule. It will then be buried deep in the ground where it will remain until the reopening time. Traditionally time capsules seem to be left for 20-25 years, but I can’t wait that long. My plan is to only wait 5 years then do it all over again. Hopefully a lot of the same campers will join us again on the 5 year anniversary to relive through the memories. I am still working on the date and final details of this event, so stay tuned. As you probably noticed from previous posts the existing pool is being enjoyed by everyone and is unaffected by the installation of the second pool. It is actual quite interesting to see the construction progress from bare ground to finished pool. 2012 will be an exciting year at Rubber Ducky. We hope you and your family will enjoy the improvements and upgrades.

Our future plans also include replacing the existing picnic shelter with a screened in addition to our Rec Building.

If anyone is interested in seasonal camping, we are now accepting deposits for these new seasonal campsites. If you would like more information contact me by phone 1-866-254-7636 or 204-322-5286. Or by email at info@rubberduckyresort.com.

Of course I have some pictures to share. Here’s a few.

Before construction

Taken this past weekend.

Step # 1 in construction. First you make a big mess. This is the beginning of one of the lakes

Then you clean it up. This is the view from the hill looking down on one of the lakes. Not quite full yet, but it is coming along nicely.

As the weeks progress I will be posting pictures and updates so be sure to watch our blog and follow us on Facebook.

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