September long

The chicken wing contest was as popular and messy as ever…

Father and Son go head to head

Group number 1

Group 2

Things got a little messy

Our 2010 winner – Jason

The cupcake eating was also a little messy but not quite as bad. The idea here was to eat the cupcake without using hands…

We even had a few adults willing to give it a try

 Matchmaker Music came back on Saturday night to fill the air with music.  Always a popular activity which we will put on the schedule for next year as well. Sunday was a bit of a let down for any Bomber Fans that were around, but hopefully this weekend there is a better outcome. We are always sad to see the end of the September long weekend. With the start of school and the start of all the after school activities it really is the beginning of the end of another camping season. Hopefully there will still be lots of good weekends for camping left, but  I know it will be another year before we get to see some of our camping friends again. 😦

The weather network released their fall forecast today. Even though I have lost most of my faith in weather forecasters I thought it was still worth looking at. They are calling for above average fall temperatures in the Winnipeg area. They were right yesterday and today, but let’s see how long that lasts.  The pool is waiting patiently for some more swimmers to come out this weekend.  At this point we are on a weekend to weekend basis. We will keep the pool open as long as we possibly can. If my memory is correct we made it until Sep 28 last year. Things are looking good for at least another couple weekends this year.

I am starting to get things ready for our seasonal appreciation dinner this weekend. It is an excuse to come out for good food and good company with the rest of our seasonal campers.  Looks like we are going to have a pretty good turnout this year. The majority of our campers have let me know they will be around. I have nothing specific planned for the evening after supper, I figure we will just go with the flow…… and see what happens.

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