No, say it ain’t so!

How did it suddenly become September. It seems like just  a week ago we were talking about the May Long and now poof it is September long. Even though there is still lots of camping time left, sadly this weekend is the unofficial end to camping in Manitoba as many people make this their last outing. I am hoping to change that with our 5th anniversary fall specials.  If you are not part of our enewsletter list or haven’t found us on Facebook yet you can find the newsletter details on our website There are lots of great deals and I will also be adding more and some last minute super saver specials along the way. This fall marks  5 years since we had our first guests staying with us so I am putting on some extra anniversary specials to celebrate.

Last year we were able to keep our pool open until approx Sept 27 and hopefully we are able to do the same this year. Although many campgrounds shut down their pool shortly after the September long we keep our open as long as possible. We all know how much more fun the camping trips are when the kids get to spend their day in the pool instead of saying “I’m bored”.

The rain on Saturday kind of put a damper on our activities. We still had around 8 groups doing the scavenger hunt, but I think we could have had more if the sun had been shining. It was still fun even if we did get wet though. I will have to start coming up with some ideas for next year. The long weekend coming up is going to be a busy one. I was having a hard time scheduling everything in. Saturday we will be having our ice cream social at 1:30pm, the chicken wing eating contest at 4pm and karaoke will follow at around 5pm. On Sunday we will have the cupcake eating for the kids at 1pm, the Labour Day Classic will be on the big screen at 3pm and it will be movie night at 9pm. I am looking forward to the 2nd annual chicken wing eating contest. Last year turned out to be a great success. I think those that participated had a good time. I know that those that were watching enjoyed themselves.  I placed the order today for a few hundred extra wings so I am as ready as I will ever be.

Our specials at the Grill this past weekend were deep fried mars bars and oreo cookies. This led to some strange looks and the common question of how do you deep fry them. The mars bars turned out to be very popular and we sold out on Sunday morning. While we were in the deep frying mode we decided to try an impromptu experiment with deep fried dill pickles on a stick. There were mixed reviews – you either loved them or you hated them.  This weekend we are doing a BBQ beef on a bun special and a 2 for 1 waffle special.

This morning I was able to get a rare glimpse of all the ducks together in the same spot and it appears that we have 16 now. It has been hard to get an accurate head count lately since they are not all in the same  spot very often. They all look the same so you never knew if you are counting the same ones or different ones.

I hope that everyone has a great long weekend and I leave you with a little groaner joke.

Q. What time does a duck wake up?

A. At the quack of dawn.

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