Is it hot enough for you?

How many times have you heard that line today?  The weather has certainly been the hot topic lately. (yes pun intended) When it gets this hot it really is hard not to complain, but I try not to because before long we will have a foot of snow on the ground. 😦

We had a great turnout for our first ever Mini Olympics.

Mini Olympics Winners


Mini Olympics Winners

Mini Olympics Winners

Mini Olympics Winners

Mini Olympics Winners

Mini Olympics Winners

Everyone that participated  was awarded a gold medal and the top winners in the age categories got to stand  on top the podium in front of everyone.

Next up was Fear Factor. The entries started out pretty slow, but in the end we had 16 teams participating. The first round we kept nice and calm with a ducky toss. The second round was time for the eating challenge. Like on the show each team had to choose one person to eat whatever we threw at them. We didn’t get too disgusting and everything was an actual food item. It wasn’t really stuff that you would eat everyday however – pork liver, beef tapa, snails, duck eggs and some sort of gelatiny coconutty thing that I really don’t remember the name of.

Apparently Luc doesn't like liver

Sorry ladies this was too funny to not post

Kinda looks like he is enjoyin a normal lunch

Next round was the timed relay. One partner was locked in the jail while the other partner searched through our fish tank to find the key.  Once they had a key they had to ride a kids tricycle, go down the kids slide and head to the jail to try the key in the lock. If they got the wrong key they had to go back and start all over again, if they got the right one then their partner had to ride the trike and race back to the fish tank.

Searching for the key

Riding the Trike

Down the slide

Is it the right key?

The Winners

We learned a few things from our first year of Olympics and Fear Factor. Most important is that next year we will separate them and do Mini Olympics on one weekend and Fear Factor on a different weekend. Then we will add an adult category to the Olympics and a kid category to the Fear Factor. I have to thank all the volunteers that helped out with the activities. It took a lot of extra hands to make this happen and we had lots of volunteers step up.

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