Mini Olympics and Fear Factor Weekend

Coming up we are having our first ever Mini Olympics and Fear Factor Day at Rubber Ducky. I think the mini Olympics will be a popular activity. We have 5 events planned that will be done at various venues throughout the campground. We even plan to set up a podium where they can get their pictures taken with their gold medals. I am not sure how many participants we will have for the Fear Factor though. I know there are a few chickens out there that have said they won’t be taking part, but hopefully we can find a few that want to step up to the challenge. Of course with every Fear Factor there must be an eating round and ours will be no different. We are not going to get too outrageous. Everything will be an actual food item, just not something that most people would want to willingly eat. The last round is a timed relay/obstacle course that really doesn’t require much physical ability. 

Most of the activities this past Aug long were well attended. The Karaoke guys from Match Maker music had no shortage of  singers lined up to have their couple minutes of fame (or shame?). We did have to contend with a thunderstorm that moved through at the end of karaoke and beginning of movie night, but luckily everything was under the picnic shelter so it just made things cozier as everyone huddled together.  There was almost standing room only for the Bomber Game on Saturday night as everyone came out to cheer on the Big Blue.

As you can probably imagine part of owning a campground involves lots of ups and downs. This past weekend was certainly full of both. Anyone that was here likely knows what I am talking about.  The downsides involved a couple of people driving where they shouldn’t have, a family group that didn’t understand that not everyone wanted to listen to their campfire stories until the wee hours of the morning and a few other things. This was one of the weekends that what could go wrong was going to go wrong. Luckily these weekends are few and far between. I won’t go into too much detail or dwell on the downsides, but we were glad to see the weekend come to an end in that respect. What goes down must also go up and so we did luckily also have some ups. It was good to see everyone come together for both the Bomber Game and the Karaoke. It is always good to see the friendships forming amongst the campers. There were also a few ups that involved a baseball team that was here from Lethbridge. They were here to compete in the nationals and I think a good time follows them wherever they go. We are not going to forget the crazy duck lady for quite some time.  She gave us all a good laugh while she rooted through our selection of ducks to find one for everyone on the team and I think everyone also got a duck whistle. Once everyone was outfitted with their ducks our Duck Mascot had to come out for a photo op.

They were our best advertisers this weekend. They were telling everyone what a great time they were having here. There are a lot more people in Winnipeg that now know we are here and I am sure there will be a lot more Albertans that hear about us too. It definately brightens the weekend when you have someone tell you how much they enjoy staying here. 

Those of us that are left here during the week are still getting a laugh out of some after hours fun that went on Sunday evening. It involved someone that complains that our XXL shirts are too small thinking that he should try to fit into a size 2/4 ducky T shirt. Needless to say it didn’t work. The pictures are starting to circulate from the attempt and we are all having  a good laugh at his expense.

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2 Responses to Mini Olympics and Fear Factor Weekend

  1. Dom Blackburn says:

    Had lots of fun in August: Loved the mini olympics came 3rd in the age group 10-12, my dad and his friend won the fear factor got to meet new people for when I go back had a blast!

    Sincerely Dom S. Blackburn

  2. Kirsten Malsbury says:

    My son Jonathan had so much fun at the Olympics! He came in 3rd place in the 4-6 year old age group! Actually you can spot him the seventh picture down, behind the screen in those orange and green shorts 😀 We had so much fun, we will be returning next year as well!

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