Christmas in July

This past weekend was our first Christmas in July at the Duck and it went over all right. It really is hard to get into Christmas when it is pushing 30C outside. We did have a few people that found  the spirit and decorated their campsites. I even saw a grinch hanging around at one site. We even managed to find a volunteer that was willing to put on a Santa suit in this heat. Thanks so much to Robin for being our Santa. We set him up in the shade of the picnic shelter and had probably around 2o kids come to visit. 

It has been nice to finally be getting a hot, sunny summer. After the monsoon rains earlier this year it was looking a little shaky. Things have definately turned around and our weekends have been filling up like crazy. Here’s hoping that it lasts well into the fall.

We have been getting a bit of a tech upgrade. One of our seasonals has been kind enough to install some speakers and new wiring so that things are a lot simpler for us. It now only takes a couple minutes for us to put on a movie, sports or anything on the big screen with the projector. We are playing all the televised Bombers games on the big screen now. We have some new speakers set up outside so that the tunes are always playing. I am even slowly learning which buttons to push and which dials to turn. A big thanks to Wayne for helping out.

The long weekend is fast approaching and the forecast still looks good. As of right now our sites are all booked up. Most long weekends I end up with cancellations and rebooking so we will see what the next couple days bring. As always Aug long is when we have our mini golf tourney and this year we are also doing Karaoke. The weekend after the long weekend is our Fear Factor and Mini Olympics weekend. Things are slowly coming together for that. We have the fear factor part pretty much worked out. I have  few ideas for the mini olympics, but think we still need to add some more stuff. I will have to put my thinking cap on and see what I can come up with.  If anyone has any ideas please feel free to send them my way.

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