DuckyFest 2010

Things did not look well for DuckyFest Saturday morning when mother nature decided to send some rain our way. Thankfully she turned off the tap around 1pm and we were able to have a great fundraiser. By far the most popular place was the Ducky Jail. There were quite a few convicts spending their time inside the big house. Our sheriffs took their job seriously and if you saw them coming your way you knew you were in trouble.  We had about 6 or so tables of silent auction prizes that were donated including the grand prizes of flat screen tv, gazebo, Black Eyed Peas tickets, air hockey table, and money tree. A huge thank you to everyone that donated as well as to all the volunteers that helped out. I can’t say enough about the volunteers that helped out this year. We had lots of people step up to help out and make the day run smoothly.  There are too many pictures to post into the blog so follow the link to this album here  The Karoake guys from Matchmaker music generously donated their time and equipment once again during the afternoon. We had some good and some not so good singers come out. They even brought Elvis along for the ride. They will be returning on the Sunday of the August long weekend.

It seems like every year somebody has to get their head shaved  or mullet cut off and this year was no exception. Kyle and Bernard were the victims (oops I mean volunteers) this year. They managed to raise $588 for the cause.

And now what everyone has been waiting for…. the grand total is …. $3017 raised. Almost $1000 more than last year.

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