DuckyFest 5th anniversary

Things are coming along nicely for DuckyFest this weekend. This is our 5th annual fundraiser – amazing how fast the time flies. We have pretty much a full campground for the weekend and are expecting a few day visitors so hopefully we will have a big total for our donation.  The donations are still coming in for the silent auction, the volunteers are still signing up and everything is looking good for a great weekend. Looks like even the weather will cooperate. We have certainly enjoyed all the sunshine this past weekend. There were a few of our seasonals on holidays this past week and they put their talent to good work by building the jail for DuckyFest.

We gotta give everybody that helped out a huge pat on the back because it turned out amazing. Special thanks to Doug and R N R Steel for the doors and windows. They were a great finishing touch. On Saturday night it was given a test run with a gangsta wannabe, an uglykid and a birthday girl being thrown in jail. I have a feeling it will make a lot of money on Saturday and will create a lot of laughs. The plan is that it costs a $2 donation to arrest someone and $1 to get bailed out. There are some people that better make sure they always have a loonie in their pocket.

We added a couple new things to the schedule for Saturday. Cory from Sinclair Fashions is going to be setting up a display and he is going to donate 10% of all the sales to the CWF. Mcrae Motorsports will be bringing our their race cars and super truck and will have them set up on display for everyone to check out.

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