Silly Ducks

It is really funny to see that the ducks actually have their own little personalities (or duckonalities) and how smart they really are. They are pretty much all the same in that they know to come strolling over to the rec building or our house when they are looking for a treat. They are quite tame and will come close most of the time. If there gets to be too many people around that they don’t know they do run for cover however. Most of them will take the bread right out of my hand. Some are gentle and don’t even touch me, but others do bite the hand that feeds them. Luckily they have no teeth so it doesn’t hurt. One of the males like to play catch believe it or not. He will wait for me to throw the bread and is quite good at catching it midair. If by chance he drops the piece he will actually leave that one on the ground and wait for me to throw the next one. If you watch in this video you can see him catching it.

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