Happy Canada Day

The fireworks arrived this morning ready to make a big boom on Canada Day. I have a feeling that this week is going to fly by since there really isn’t much week between the weekends With the holiday being on Thursday we have lots of campers coming in on the Wednesday and staying right through until the Sunday. We have a school group here staying here tonight plus a few other campers so it will make for a couple of busy days until the really really busy extra long weekend hits.

On the schedule this weekend we will be serving birthday cake for Canada Day and doing fireworks on July 1. As always we will be doing a kids display earlier in the evening for any kids that can’t stay up until dark.  We will be setting up the bounceroo on the Saturday morning as well as the RDR Social Committee will be hosting a bake sale to raise money to support the activities around The Duck. Saturday evening will be movie night in the outdoor theater. Don’t ask me yet what the movie will be because I have not got that part figured out yet.

This week is the first week of summer vacation for many kids. Ours had their last day on Friday but I hear some schools are going as late as Wednesday. Now if we can get some summer weather we will be laughing. We have been busy adding some ditches and culverts to get ready for the next downpour.  We have always had good drainage and have never really had much problem with flooding but this year has definately put that to the test. The silver lining to the rain cloud is that the hundreds  (maybe even thousands) of trees that went in this spring will get off to a good start. Basically the whole area between the campground and Scrapyard Paintball and also an area to the north of the campground was filled with poplar trees a few weeks ago. By the end of the summer they should be growing pretty good. They are hybrid poplars which will apparently grow up to 12 ft in 3 years.  The ones we planted last year did really well and are getting quite tall already.

I hope everyone has a great Canada Day and a fabulous extra extra long weekend.

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