A wet Halloween in August

Even though Mother Nature was not very kind to us we still made the best of our annual Halloween in August. As most of you know it started raining Friday morning and didn’t really stop until Sunday afternoon. Despite that we were still able to do all of our Halloween activities.  By some miracle the rain stopped for a brief time on Saturday morning for the bobbing for apples. This doesn’t affect the kids of course since they are already in the pool but it made it much better for this apple tosser. Considering it was cool and kind of icky I wondered how many kids would actually come out but as usual we had a full pool. Our version of bobbing for apples is similar to the traditional in that they have to grab the apple in their teeth without using their hands. We put a ducky twist on it by having the kids in the pool and tossing them the apples. The kids have a blast as you will see from the pictures still to come. Next up in the afternoon was the games. Things started off a little slow with not many kids then all of a sudden we had a whole bunch come in and the games lasted over an hour. Once again we did the tried and true mummy wrap with toilet paper and the always iccky find the eyeballs in the brains. (translation grapes in oatmeal) This year we actually had some fake eyeballs so it added a bit of a twist. Most kids love to get down and dirty and dig in the slimy pail of goo.  The rain didn’t cooperate for our trick or treating and it was a cold, wet walk around the campsites – much like Halloween in October can be. Despite that we still had around 70 kids and one duck out and about. All in all everyone made the best of the bad weather and still had a good time.

Check out the pictures here http://picasaweb.google.com/RubberDuckyResort/HalloweenInAugust2010?feat=directlink

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