What a weekend it was

I think we are all still shaking our heads in amazement that so much water could fall in so little time. We had some minor flooding issues like everyone else did, but were quite lucky overall. We had no damage and noone had their camper basements flooded. It is now Tuesday morning as I write this and things are drying up really fast around the yard. I only had one family that braved the weather to come out for weekend camping. The phone was ringing all week with cancellations. We did however have quite a few seasonals out for the weekend. On the upside of the weekend mother nature turned off the tap for a little while on Saturday morning so that we could check out the community garage sale in Warren. We did get a little bit damp, but at least we didn’t get drenched. Saturday evening we decided the only thing to do was put on a movie in the rec building.

Avatar on the big screen


I did manage to get out for walk in between showers on Sunday morning and snap some pictures.  I made it about 1/2 way around the campground and then made a hasty retreat back to the house when it started pouring rain yet again. The water level has dropped drastically since these were taken and we are almost back to normal. By this weekend things should be completely dry (as long as mother nature is done)

The ducks were lovin the weather and all the extra ponds to play in

Pintail Lake

Where the bridge is supposed to be

The bridge where it is not supposed to be


Not a good day for a campfire

 Thankfully the weekend was not a complete writeoff and the sun came out on Sunday. The little kids and some big kids were able to get in the pool. They were quite happy to help with draining the excess water out the side of the pool. After that many inches of water the pool was full right to the very top and the funnest way to get it out was with a couple cannonballs.

There is not much point in even looking at the forecast anymore since it never seems to be right lately. Hopefully this weekend coming up will be a nice, sunny one. We are doing free kiddie train rides all weekend for anyone camping here and it is not much fun to ride in the rain.

If you listen to QX 104 this week you may hear some Rubber Ducky Ads. There are some quick blurbs like this hour or the weather brought to you by… After only one day I must say the response has been good. The visitors on our website took a jump and I got quite a few bookings yesterday and this morning. As we turn the calendar to June it is time to really start thinking summer. Only 24 more days until school is over and summer holidays begin. Let the countdown begin!

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