Let the season begin

The May long weekend in Manitoba is typically seen as the ‘official’ start to camping season but this year it seems odd to think that camping season is just beginning. With the early spring and nice weather our camping season actually started over a month ago. But who am I to argue – Let the camping begin!!

It is time today to cleanup and recover from a great long weekend. With the short week it seems like next weekend will be here before we know what happened.  The campground was full as per usual on the May long. It doesn’t seem to matter what the weather throws at us we are always full on the May long. You can’t keep the die hard Manitoban’s away. Luckily this year we did not really have to contend with bad weather. Saturday was a little cool, cloudy and drizzly but it didn’t really seem to affect anyone. The pool was still busy, the rec building was hopping for the ice cream social and the picnic shelter was pretty full for the outdoor movie. Everyone enjoyed the first movie night so much that we decided to put on a second movie on Sunday night. Sunday was a much better day overall with the sun shining bright and the clouds staying away. We had 60 games played in our Wii bowling tournament. There were some people that played more that one game as we had a little friendly competition happening so once one person got a higher score someone else would play again to try to beat it.  We did have one problem this weekend when the fountain in the pond came falling down. With some much appreciated help from our campers it was fixed, redesigned and replaced in the pond. It almost seemed like they knew what they were doing. (just kidding). It is now free standing so we have gotten rid of the guide ropes that used to be there. Looks much better now.

Looking forward to this weekend the weather sounds like it will be a nice camping weekend again. The sites are starting to book up quite nicely. There is a happy hour/meet and greet planned for Saturday evening. It is basically just an excuse to get everyone together to mingle and enjoy some good conversation. If all goes well we will likely have a bonfire at the same time. Saturday is also the annual town wide garage sale in Warren. So if there are any bargain hunters out there make sure you do the tour around town.

It looks like we may be passing out cigars in a few weeks. We have one momma duck that we know started sitting on her nest last week. If you are here and see a duck running madly across the campground towards people quacking demandingly that is her. The translation for what she is quacking is basically “food, food give me food NOW!!” She is quite loud and demanding about it too. This weekend I noticed that we are now down to only two males and one female hanging around so I am assuming that there is another momma on a nest somewhere – I just don’t know where. They like to camoflage their nests in the bush and sometimes do a really, really good job. They usually sit on the eggs for just under a month before they hatch, so mark your calendars and cross your fingers. Hopefully by then I will have found the other nest, so  I can keep track of her.

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