The duck is going green

The RDR Grill is moving away from using the landfill clogging Styrofoam plates and containers. We are phasing in new biodegradable, compostable products. We have already started using plates, large takeout containers and coffee cups and in the next short while we will have the small takeout containers and cutlery in use as well. As we finish off our old supplies I am ordering in the greener version.

Yesterday was one of the busiest Sunday evenings in May that we have had in quite a few years. A couple seasonals have taken advantage of the nice weather and are still out this morning. We still have some overnight campers as well. I really hope this is a sign of the summer to come. But since this is Manitoba we better enjoy it while we got it. The long term forecast is still saying a nice long weekend too. I’m pretty sure there must be some water logged kids and sundrenched parents out there today. There were quite a few campers that took good advantage of the amazing weather and spent most of the weekend poolside. The mini golf course was busy all weekend too with lots of kids and families taking advantage of the free mini golf promo.

Things are shaping up outside the campground this week with a fresh layer of crushed rock being put down on the road today. The spots are marked and it looks like the holes may be drilled for some new signs on highways 6 and 67. I am hoping and crossing my fingers that they can be up before this weekend.

I am slowly starting to figure out the schedule for this long weekend. Usually I try to schedule some indoor activities because of the weather on May long but that certainly won’t be necessary this year. It is all bright sunshines throughout the weekend. Saturday morning will be a bake sale put on by the RDR Social Committee and Saturday afternoon will be the first ice cream social of the year. We will be doing the Wii bowling tourney one day and movie night the other day. I just don’t know yet which day will be which.  The movie on schedule for this weekend is Old Dogs.  Details are here Looks like it should be a good one and it came highly recommended by someone that has already seen it. I know that given the current weather situation most campers will be spending all their time near the pool or outside their campers soaking up the sun. There shouldn’t be anyone huddled in the rec centre all bundled up from the cold.

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