Waiting for babies

If my calculations and memory are correct we might have babies within the week.  This past weekend we finally found where the second nest is too but, I really have no idea when she started sitting on it. I don’t know when to expect the other babies. The new picture on the blog header is our proud papas.

All in all it turned out to be a decent weekend weatherwise. There were a few sprinkles here and there on Friday and Saturday but at least the heavy rains only came overnight. Sunday was bright and sunshiny all day and today is the same for the time being anyway. Sounds like things may change later this afternoon or this evening though.

Some of our seasonals are planning a Sunday afternoon baseball league. Yesterday was the first planning day, but what I gather is that it is open to anyone that wants to come out and play. Everyone will gather at the diamond then they will split up into teams and let the fun begin. This of course led to a few jokes about the physical condition of some of the players including having an ambulance on standby during the game. lol. In conjunction with this we are building a new ‘field of dreams’ towards the north end of the campground. They found that the existing diamond wasn’t quite big enough so  a few people volunteered their time to help build a new one in what is now just cultivated land. The new diamond should be ready in a month or so. One of the jobs in preparing the new diamond was picking rocks which fit in nicely with my plan to do a rock painting craft this upcoming weekend. I have a good rock collection started and ready for washing.

We planned a last minute bingo night on Saturday and had a good turnout so we have another one planned for this Saturday. This weekend is the ball tournament in Warren which is bringing a few families out to camp overnight. Hopefully mother nature cooperates for their tournament.

It’s that time of year when if the wind is right you can hear the whistle of the Prairie Dog Central (www.pdcrailway.com). Somedays is just very faint and other days you would swear the tracks are right next door. The vintage locomotive makes Warren one of the stops on its run. You can stop by to check out the train and also grab a bit to eat and check out the Country Market. (http://www.westinterlaketradingcompany.com/?page_id=1496) While you are there you can also take a tour of our Grain Elevator and get an inside view of how it operated.  There are a lot of interesting bits and pieces about the inside that you would never know from the outside. As the small town elevators become a thing of the past it is becoming a big part of the nostalgia. The WITC is working hard on fundraising to do some desparately needed repairs to keep it in good shape. I hear they had a great turnout for their time, talent and treasure auction this past Friday and hope they are able to raise that roof and get the new shingles this summer.

Enjoy the sun while we can.

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