The pool is open

Yep it is not even May yet and the pool is ready for swimming. Of course as we look outside swimming may be the last thing on your mind, but the hot tub will probably be well used this weekend. This time last week the sun was shining and it was a wonderful 20C and then wham rain and 1oC. There is some consolation in the fact that we did need rain however I would have much rather had it during the week. And so far there aren’t any 90 mile an hour winds blowing from the North.

This is normally our opening weekend for camping so we have our Welcome Back coffee break scheduled for tomorrow morning. I already have two batches of muffins finished and am about the start on the Lemon Saskatoon loaves. Luckily I also get to be in charge of quality control and the orange chocolate chip muffins are quite good if I do say so myself.

I have just finished scheduling the swimming lessons for this summer. I have two 2 week sessions lined up – one for July and one for August. There was some interest in having a one week session so that people could get the lessons done in one shot on their holidays so I scheduled that for July as well. If I have enough interest we will run another session later in August. The information is all on our website I also had a search feature added to our website yesterday. Seems to be working good and hopefully it will make it easier and quicker to find information.

I am not sure what this weekend will bring but I have heard rumblings that some of our seasonals will be out. The overnight sites that I had booked cancelled earlier this week.  Since I am training a new employee  I am hoping there are at least a few people around so she can learn some things. On the bright side of the weather at least we are not in Calgary.

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