Any old port in the storm

This was the kind of weekend when we are glad to have the rec building. At least when the weather is cold and rainy everyone has somewhere to gather  in the evenings. We had the hockey game on the tv so that the sports buffs could keep up on the playoff action. There weren’t too many people out camping that could come to gather, but those that were here all seemed to end up in inside in the evenings. I heard a rumor that one site still managed to have a bonfire in the rain on Saturday. It is nice to see campers making the best of a rainy weekend and still having a good time.

On Sunday it was finally time for the duck roundup. We have been trying to coordinate schedules to get them back for a couple weeks and finally happened. We are glad to have them back and now it really feels like camping season.

Who let the ducks out? Quack, Quack.

They took off  swimming as soon as they hit the pond.

Ahhh home sweet home

It didn’t take them long to get back to the old routine of swimming, sleeping, and begging for food.

We have had a couple Canada Geese visiting the big pond over the last few weeks.  It is really interesting if you happen to be outside at the right time as they cruise over the tree tops and glide in for a landing on the water. They usually let out a few honks first to let you know they are coming. There were even a few wild ducks out there the other day.
Our weather still has not brightened up this week but I am not going to complain because I hear Alberta is getting hit with snow once again. We did actually see a little tiny bit of sunshine today but now it is back to pouring rain. I would like to believe the forecast that says we are going to see sunshine this weekend, but am having my doubts.  Despite the rainy, dreary weekend there were still people in the pool and hot tub. There were 3 little girls in the pool and 2 dads in the hottub. I didn’t hear any complaining about the cold from the girls and they had a blast enjoying the pool all to themselves.
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