Another weekend closer to summer

Wow another fabulous, sunny weekend. Our pre opening pool inspection is scheduled for Thurs afternoon, so it looks like we will be open for this weekend. The water is sitting at a balmy 80F and ready for its first swimmers.

This past weekend was a little quieter than last, but we did still have a fair number of people around. We had a couple overnight campers and also a few seasonals. Friday evening was spent just hanging out in the rec building.

 Thanks to Doug, Peter, Mickey, Collette and Wayne’s shoulder for letting me use there picture.  Oh wait someone seems to be missing and there is an empty chair… Who could it be??? lol This is a bit of an inside joke carried over from last weekend that I have to share with everyone now. One of our seasonals who shall remain nameless was very very adamant that she should be in my blog. I took that as the start of a new game. hee hee. It is her goal to be in the blog and my goal to torment her and keep her out. Nothing personal just a little friendly fun and entertainment. Sometimes it really doesn’t take much to amuse me.

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