Unplanned always seems to work best…

This past weekend was the official kick off to our seasonal camping season and it was a great one. I don’t even know where to begin weatherwise since it was and is just fabulous. I have my fingers crossed and double crossed that this weather will stay around all summer. Have you ever noticed that the unplanned parties when people just kind of show up usually turn out better than the ones you spend hours planning. I had planned poker night for Saturday as an excuse to get some people out to rec building and kind of like a welcome back to get all the seasonals mingling to start the season. That’s where the planning stopped and I just let things happen. Well what a party it was. The rec building was almost full at some points and everyone had a fabulous time. There was much laughter and fun had by all. I’m sure there will be many stories told throughout the season about opening weekend. There is no point in me going into much detail because it really was one of those situations where you really had to be here. If that was any indication how the season will go it should be a good one. I have nothing much planned for this weekend. I figure we will see who is around and do an impromptu decision. If anyone wants to do Bingo or movie night or ?? there are easy things to set up on the spur of the moment.

The pool is physically pretty much ready to swim in. Now we have to wait for our annual inspection to get our approval to open for the season. I checked the temperature and it was hovering  just above 70F. Not great yet, but by tomorrow it should be good. Hopefully we can get the inspection process done quickly. First step is to get our water samples in tomorrow and wait for the results before we can move on to the next step.

We actually have a couple campers staying with us for a few days this week. This is a good time of year for those that enjoy the peace and quiet of the campground to themselves. There has still been lots of seasonals passing through here and there. A little different from last year when we didn’t see very many people until May Long. Everyone is definately making good use of this weather.

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