April Showers

Today is the proverbial April showers day to bring May flowers. I am just glad that it is rain showers, not snow showers like Alberta got this week. It is not much of a camping day today, but they are saying things will improve dramatically for the weekend. Right now the forecast calls for sunshine starting Friday morning all the way into next week.

The good news this week is that the water is now flowing into the pool. It won’t be quite warm enough for a swim this weekend, but it is always good to see it full of water. The hot tub is still out of the hole to get the jets replaced. This has turned out to be a rather large task which we don’t want to have to do again anytime soon. So, if you or anyone you know has ever sat in a hot tub and poked and played with a jet, please stop.

 We are going to have hot waffles again starting this weekend. Like last year you can have plain or chocolate chip and we are also adding saskatoon waffles to the menu. I’m not sure if everyone knows what a saskatoon berry is but in a nutshell they are a purple berry similar to a blueberry. Saskatoons are native to Manitoba and grow wild in lots of places. I personally grew up eating the berries fresh off the tree and still go hunting through the campground bushes in search of ripe berries every summer.

We have poker night planned for Saturday evening at around 7pm. You don’t really have to play poker if you come since it is really just an excuse to get together on a small town Saturday Night.  We have one of the new rental hot tubs still set up and getting test driven. Last weekend we got it up and running and had a few willing volunteers to help make sure everything worked as expected. And as expected it was warm, bubbly and relaxing. One interesting feature that we didn’t really know about was that it has a waterfall and fancy light system in one corner.

I have been getting a fair bit of feedback about our new advertising campaign. You will recall from my previous posts that we had put some signs up around Winnipeg. Well I am ready to divulge all the details- we have 5 bus benches around town. The ones at St James/Ness, and St James/Ellice have been identified on Facebook by our winners Nicole Abbott on Rubber Ducky’s Fan Page and Justin Park on Scrapyard Paintball’s fan page. The others are at Ness/Sharp, Grant/Oakdale, St Annes/Barton.  Nobody has mentioned the one on St Annes to me yet so I am starting to wonder if I picked a bad location.  I have not seen the benches myself so if anyone has the opportunity to take a picture and send it to me I would be very appreciative. Just don’t do it while you are driving please.

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