Getting ready

It has been a busy couple days around here as we get full swing into Operation Spring Cleanup.

  • The rec building is undergoing a complete spring cleaning complete with all the chairs steam cleaned.
  • The pool is now all melted and we have started draining, cleaning and etc to get it ready to open (I personally don’t really know what all the steps are to opening the pool so we are just going to call them ‘etc’ lol
  • The hot tub is out of it’s hole ready to get some maintenance done.
  • The biggest project this spring is the replacement of the carpet on the mini golf course which is coming along quite good. The guys got a good start on it today and shouldn’t take much longer to finish.
  • Last on the list for this week will be to bring home our Rubber Duckies

Many of our seasonals have also started their spring cleanup.  There have already been a few out this week to rake leaves and cleanup the winter ickies. If the weather holds up I am sure there will be a lot wandering around this weekend. I have already talked to a few that are planning to come out and some will even be having their first overnight camp of the year.  After tomorrow the shelves in our store area will be almost stocked . I will have all the important things like chocolate bars, chips and candy ready for sale ; ) I think there will be some strawberry slushees available this weekend too.

I heard a rumour today that Scrapyard Paintball will be opening April 24.  There will be some season opening specials happening but I haven’t got all the details so will post the information once I get it.

I have got a few reports of people spotting our bus benches. We have had our first person post on the Rubber Ducky Facebook fan page, but are still waiting for someone to post on the Scrapyard Paintball fan page.

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