Be on the lookout

Starting April 5 you need to be on the lookout for our new advertising campaign

Rubber Ducky Resort Scrapyard Paintball

If you see this sign you could win a 2for1 camping coupon from Rubber Ducky Resort and also a 2for1 Paintball coupon from Scrapyard Paintball. Go to the fan page of either business and post the location that you saw the sign. There will be two winners – one from Scrapyard and one from RDR. But, the second person has to post a different location so there is nooo copying.

Even if you don’t participate in the contest let me know where you saw the sign either by email or post a comment on here. Whenever we start a different advertising campaign it is helpful for me to get some feedback to see how it is working. This is why I am being somewhat secretive about exactly where the signs are so that I can get a true idea of if people saw it. For example last year we rented one of the advertising signs along route 90 and not person mentioned it. I even quizzed people that travel the road everyday and they didn’t even know the sign was there and it had already been up for almost two weeks. We won’t be doing that again. I have high hopes for this campaign starting tomorrowish, I think we should get some good feedback but I will keep you posted and in a little while I will start releasing more details about where the signs are too.

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