Spring is springing

I think this weekend is the unofficial start to summer dreaming in Manitoba. It is the RV show at the convention centre. We will be there tonight so if you are coming down stop in and say hi. We will be starting the evening on the main floor in the Manintoba Campground Association booth. We are at the bottom of the escalators as soon as you walk in the main entrance. Also on the main floor is a whole bunch of tent trailers. I am not sure what all is on the second floor since many exhibitors hadn’t set up yet. There are usually displays from Krevco, Happy Camper, and a bunch of other camping related retailers. The third floor is where everyone always goes Wow. This is full and I mean full of all sorts of RVS. Everything from normal size family trailers up to the big diesel pushers. It is interesting to just walk through and see what kind of new toys are available. Right in the middle of the third floor is a display that represents the 5 tourism regions of Manitoba. One of which is Interlake Tourism Association and this is where we will be finishing off the evening. They spent many hours working on the display and they have even set up a whole mini marsh area complete with boardwalk.

I am sure we have all been watching the snow disappearing over the last few days and hoping. I am trying to remain positive and think that spring is really here. But, a little piece of me seems to remember that last year went much the same as this and then wham, we got hit with another storm. If we dare listen to the weather forecast that won’t happen this year. In fact according theweathernetwork.com it is going to stay about freezing for the next 2 weeks. One can only hope. We deserve an early spring and a hot summer.

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