A plea for help

This post came my way via facebook and I thought I would share in case anyone out there can help Gail and our community out.

From Gail Spencer Lamm I have been asked by my employer, the West Interlake Trading Company, to organize a “Turkey Shoot Fundriaser” in the RM of Woodlands area – seriously I don’t even own a gun. Somebody out there is going to help me with this, somebody who knows all about it. Are you that person? If so please contact me right away because… right now I’m crapping my pants a little. Thanks!

If you are that person or know of that person you can contact Gail directly through http://www.westinterlaketradingcompany.com/ or I can also put you in touch.

There has to be someone out there who knows something about this and hopefully she can find them.

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