Lions and Lambs

I just found out how to link my blog to my facebook profile so welcome to any new readers that may have come my way from fb. Feel free to check through the archives and catch up on what you have missed. I realize that I am not going to win a Pullitzer prize any time soon, but hopefully I can keep you interested for a minute or two.

We have all heard the saying in like a lion out like a lamb. Around here it definately has been like a lamb and we are enjoying every minute of it. Does this mean we can expect March to go out like a lion? I for one am hoping not. I checked out the 14 day trend and if they know what they are talking about we are in for a very nice start to March with lots of sunshine and warm temperatures.

I know the snowmobilers are not happy to hear the forecast. It has been a horrible winter as far as they are concerned. From what I hear the turnouts for the local Poker Derbies have not been good. There certainly hasn’t been much snowmobiler traffic coming into the warmup. This weekend is the rescheduled Northern Lites Derby and although I wish them luck this melting snow is not going to do much for their turnout unfortunately. But, if anyone wants breakfast we will be serving up some pancakes, eggs, sausages and bacon.

Saturday is also a fundraising social for the South Interlake ATV Club in Argyle. Local band Past the Perimeter will be playing. If anyone wants tickets they can stop by here or just give me a call and we will put some aside.

There are actually quite a few different things coming up if you are looking for something to do. This weekend is also the Mid Canada Boat Show ( Next weekend is the RV Show ( These are great shows to start the summer dreaming. Our local tourism area is going to be at both shows so be sure to stop by the Interlake Tourism ( booth and say hi, check out what we have to offer around here. March 13 will be Poker Night at the Duck then on March 20 the West Interlake Trading Company is holding a Time, Talent and Treasure auction in the Warren Hall. Details are here They are raising funds to put a new roof on the elevator in Warren. In case you didn’t know this group “The West Interlake Trading Company is responsible for a local heritage site called the ”Warren Grain Elevator.” It conducts tours of the Grain Elevator as well as caring for the maintenance, upkeep and development of the site” I figured I should just quote the WITC site since they can say it better than I can.

I don’t know that it is terribly funny but it is not very often that you come across a cartoon that mentions Manitoba so I thought I would share:

Cartoon: MANITOBA FRIENDLY CAMPERS (medium) by Toonstalk tagged manitoba,camping,wildlife,campfire

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