The green green grass

It seems like every year there is a certain week where all of a sudden the campground reservations for next summer take a big jump. Well this was that week. In a period of 3 days I think I processed close to 12 bookings for summer 2010. Normally we get only a couple a month at the beginning of winter and then February seems to be the start of vacation planning in Manitoba. Although this is technically the shortest month somehow it really seems to drag on. However, to me it is the turning point in a long cold winter. Once February is done and the calendar turns to March it is full swing planning for the upcoming summer. I really don’t care if there is still a foot of snow on the ground or like last year and we get a big storm. It is time to look for the green grass on the other side of the snow bank. It may take a shovel to find it, but I am sure it is still there somewhere.

With the coming of March also comes the start of my full swing search for employees. So time to spread the word if you know anyone looking for a summer job they can go to our website and fill out an application or just email me a resume. One step better is to drop it off in person since that way I can put a face to a name when making my hiring decision.

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