We’re number 1!

The call of the Ducky Express was heard all down the parade route on Friday night. For those of you that don’t know Metro quite often will get the kids going with a round of ‘Who’s number one?’ getting the kids to shout as loud as they can ‘Rubber Ducky’.  It turns out that we really were number once as we won first place in the commercial float category. The evening was quite enjoyable with a balmy -12 or so for a temperature and no North wind howling down Main Street. We were even able to light our tiki torches. I took some pictures and  you can kind of see what it was like, but you really had to be there in person.

The ducky express


This is where Ron, Marilyn and Geri warmed their toes by the bonfire.


This is the fish pond where me, Haylie and Sarah caught the big one.
This is the fish pond where me, Haylie and Sarah caught the big one.

I think this was the funnest parade for us yet. There were lots of laughs during the construction, riding and the post parade party. It certainly helped that we weren’t fighting -30 temperatures. Scrapyard Paintball also put in a float so we were able to get both floats down the highway, through town and back down the highway without any issues or malfunctions. And we even got to see Santa Claus. We don’t usually get a chance to see too many other floats and we especially don’t get to see the big guy himself. This year he was doing a second lap North on Main Street when we passed him. But, now we must ask – What are we going to do next year?? Anybody got any ideas?

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