Float building and Grey Cup

Sunday was a pretty busy day around here. We started building our Santa parade float in the early afternoon and then carried on into the Grey Cup in the evening. After the game was done we even had an impromptu poker night happen. We had a just about perfect turn out for the Grey Cup with all of our tables  full. Our seating area was somewhat limited with having the screen on the wall, but it worked out anyway. Everyone had a great view and a great time. It was hard to get a good picture but this will give you an idea as to how big our big screen was

Our float construction went very very well and we ended up with an amazing float. We had somewhat of a game plan when we started and just kept adding and tweaking. It is now sitting under the picnic shelter waiting for Friday night. I am not sure if I will be able to get picture of the final outcome with it under there but I will try later tonight when it is dark. If not I will post pictures this weekend after the actual parade. A huge thanks to our float elves Darryl, Geri, Ron and Marilyn whose help was much appreciated. This is by far the best float we have ever had. This is a pic from fairly early in the construction process.

BTW that is not a kiddie pool it is a fish pond. Well it will be Friday night after I put the cardboard fish in it. We even made ‘fishing rods’ so that we can catch the fish. It is sooooo nice that it looks like it will be warm enough for us to ride on the float this year. On the other end of the trailer we have a campfire set up. There is one finishing touch that makes this float kind of unique to Rubber Ducky . Yup we are even bringing the Ducky Express with us. Remember if you are at the parade and you here the almost infamous ‘Who’s number one?’. Yell as loud as you can…..’ Rubber Ducky’.

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