Santa Claus is coming

It is almost parade time again. The last few years we have been putting a float in the Stonewall Santa Parade and this year is no exception. Now we need to come up with an idea for our float, so I come on here to plea for help. Does anyone have any ideas because we are lacking in creativity this year. The parade is held at night (Friday Dec 4, 7pm) so obviously it is a lighted parade. We have  a truck, we have a trailer, we have a duck  now we need a great idea that will get everyone’s attention as we waddle past. The plan is to gather everything and decorate this Sunday before the Grey Cup game. We are about due for a nice evening for the parade this year. Last year was one of those -40ish days, one year was kind of stormy and there is usually a strong North wind a blowing that night. 

Our motel rooms have been surprisingly busy in the past month or so. We have had a couple rooms rented short term for people who are in between houses. There has also been one hydro employee who was staying while he was at the Manitoba Hydro  Training Center and we have another one coming next month. We are only 5 minutes away, so it is very convenient. Hopefully things keep up for the rest of the winter.

It sounds like our warm weather is coming to an end, so we better get out and enjoy it today. I see the sun is rising nicely over the pond looking like another great day.

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