It’s been a while

Seems like I have been slacking off lately. It has been a week since I last posted.

On Friday we went to a very interesting meeting at a new supplier for the RDR Grill. We got some great tips for preparing the food in general. Most importantly we were able to sample some new foods to see if we would like to add them to the menu. That was a treat to sit there and have a chef prepare the stuff just for us to enjoy.  There will be some new items like salt and pepper dry ribs, sweet potato fries, salads; and some improved items like homemade pizza, ducky 911 wings and burgers.  Some items we decided against. I just don’t think the duck is ready for calamari rings. We will be unveiling some of the changes at our New Year’s Eve bash.  Another product that we found interesting was biodegradable plates. They are still plastic and disposable which is good for us, but they are also good for our environment.

I am just finalizing the last details for our Poker Derby in January, with a tentative date of the 23rd.(edit: just confirmed this date) We have a few options going on so hopefully it will appeal to lots of people. There will be a route for snowmobiles and a route for vehicles. There will also be a geocache map and a regular map. For those that may not know geocaching is finding ‘caches’ (hidden containers that usually contain a  log book and trading items) using a gps and the gps coordinates. So the derby will still have the traditional checkpoints, but anyone wanting to geocache will be given the gps coordinates and must use their gps to find the locations. This option will be available for both the cars and snowmobiles. I will also do up a normal map so that anyone who is not experienced in geocaching can still take part.  There are quite a few geocaches hidden in our area and up highway 6, but the idea of doing the poker derby  by geocache is new to the area. Following the derby we will also be having a social evening. This is to raise funds for our newly formed RDR Social Committee.  I am hoping to have the last detail confirmed today or tomorrow so that I can start advertising.  Fast forward a couple hours and I now have confirmation that our derby will be on the 23rd and all the initial planning is done. Now to work out all those minor details.

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