The last weekend

These short weeks just seem to fly by. Hard to believe that it is Friday already. This will be our last official camping weekend of 2009. Needless to say after last weekend and this week’s weather the only campers that I expect to see rolling in will be for winter storage. I am expecting at least a couple seasonals to be out however.  Although Friday morning is looking a little icky they are still forecasting a nice sunny weekend. Hmmm I think I will believe that when I see it.

I was amazed by how many of our seasonals came out winter camping last weekend. Friday and Saturday there were 8 or 9 each night. Sunday however it did drop off to only 3 staying overnight. The rain started probably around noon on Friday, then the snow started around 2ish, then the snow started staying around 3:30ish, then the snow just didn’t stop. By the end of the evening we had quite a few inches on the ground. There was even a snowmobile taken for a spin on Saturday. I am estimating that we had 40ish people for our Thanksgiving potluck on Saturday. I checked into my archives and found that last year we had 14 people. What a difference a year makes. The talk of the weekend definately was our mother and daughter from Memphis that were passing through on their way to visit friends. They showed up Friday night at around 8pm which was right in the midst of the snowstorm. I give them credit for making it here since of course driving in snow is something new to them.  They had spent the beginning of their journey ‘car camping’ (sleeping in their car) and were determined to continue on that way. To my surprise they intended to sleep in their car on Friday night in the snow as well – and they did. They said that they did have to turn the heat on a few times but otherwise were fairly comfortable.  On Saturday morning they discussed their plan for the day and in the end the idea of joining us for Thanksgiving dinner was much more appealing than heading out on the highways. They became part of our Rubber Ducky Family for another night and yes, still slept in their car for yet another night.  Even us hardy Manitobans that are used to the cold were in disbelief that the Tennessee ladies were willing to sleep in a car in the cold. They will definately be one set of campers that we won’t soon forget and I don’t think they will forget their time at Rubber Ducky very soon

We have decided to start up Texas Hold Em Nights again this winter with the first one being this Saturday. We are getting some good feedback and it looks like we will have a good turnout.  Also this weekend the South Interlake ATV Club ( will be going on a family ride.  They will be meeting here at 10 am and then heading out for a few hours of fun on the trails.

Why didn’t I think of that?? If I would have thought to build a spaceship and told my 6 year old to hide for a few hours we would be famous by now!  If anyone has any great ideas for a publicity stunt by all means let me know.

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