Know when to hold em

We had a fairly decent turnout for our first Texas Hold em night this past Saturday. At one point we had two tables going on. One table was playing a serious game and the other table was not serious at all. They were more about fun than paying any real attention to the poker faces. There was also a lot of beginner’s luck going on. Sometimes it is better when you don’t really know what you are doing – or maybe it was all a big hustle? Maybe the whole ‘never played before thing’ was just an act.  Our next scheduled poker night will be November 7. I say scheduled because I have a feeling that there may be some unscheduled nights that just happen without planning. 

We had a group of waterfowl hunters from Kentucky show up on Saturday afternoon looking for a place to stay for a couple days. They had spent one night in Winnipeg and were quite happy to get out into the country. They were here looking for some Canada Geese and were not disappointed as they had a couple good hunting days. We picked up a couple new recipes for cooking the geese and had some yummy samples last night. They will be heading home tomorrow but have already booked in their hunting trip for next year. It is always interesting to get the guys in from different areas of the states and hear the stories they have to tell.

We have been having fantastic luck on the fishing this weekend catching approx 50 fish in a couple hours on Sunday alone. Ok so maybe we are using a net to do it. We have been getting lots of orders for fresh frozen trout in the last couple weeks. We are now working on cleaning out the small pond for the winter. It is not deep enough to over winter fish so we need to get them all out. Since Sunday was the first time that we had taken any fish out of that pond ourselves another taste test was in order. And they passed. The favorite recipe around here is for stuffed baked trout: You mix some bread crumbs, parsley, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper. Melt some margarine and drizzle it in over the crumb mixture. Stir it all around and stuff it in the cavity.  Wrap in foil and bake it in the oven or on the BBQ. Once it is done you peel back the skin on one side, salt and pepper, flip it over and peel off the rest of the skin, salt and pepper, then serve and enjoy. Next time I will actually measure the amount of each ingredient and post the official recipe.

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