Yup that is the sound of camping season coming to a screeching halt this week. The dreaded s- and f- words have been circulated throughout the weather forecasts which kind of takes away any thoughts of enjoying a fall camping weekend.  Lots of our seasonals were out this past weekend cleaning up and getting ready for old man winter. I’m hoping that there will still be a few around this weekend. We will be setting up the outdoor theatre inside the nice warm rec building this weekend. Sunday will be movie night and then on Monday afternoon we will show the Bomber game.

But if there are any die hards still out there I am putting on a Thanksgiving special where if you stay two nights you get a $10 voucher for the RDR Grill.  So if you use your voucher for one night and come to our Thanksgiving potluck on Saturday you really don’t have to cook much this weekend.

The winterizing has begun this week here with the first step being the pool. It is now put to bed and ready for a long winter’s nap. 😦  Next step will be blowing out all the water lines to the campsites. It usually takes about a week to get everything ready for winter. The first Northern Lites Snowmobile club meeting of the season is going on right now, so I guess it is truly time to accept that fall is officially here.

We have some waterfowl hunters staying with us right now. One group was in for the Stonewall 12/20 goose shoot and will be heading to the Lundar All Canada Goose Shoot this weekend. They didn’t fare as well in the shoot as hoped, but this group seems to have fun no matter where they go regardless. A second group just came in yesterday afternoon. From what I hear they had a good duck hunt this morning and now are relaxing and enjoying an evening of comraderie.

I have been spending the last little while searching out some new package deals for our motel rooms for this fall and winter. They are now posted on our specials page . There may be more to come yet, my mind is still turning and I am always looking at other websites for ideas. The RDR Grill winter hours are also posted  on our home page now. I have set some basic lunch and supper hours and as before we are usually here anyways and willing to come over and open up the grill. I will be playing it by ear for the first little while and if there is a demand to change the hours then I will.

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