Does anyone else remember that commercial where ‘she told two friends, then she told two friends’ well that’s what I want to start this week. Everyone find two friends and tell them that our heated pool is still open this weekend. Then tell them to tell two friends. Actually they don’t even have to be friends, you can tell strangers on the street corner if you like. The main thing is that if everyone tells two friends the news should travel pretty fast. 

This past weekend was not a very busy one at all with less than 5 campsites here. We don’t really know the reason because the weather was fairly nice overall. Admittedly Sunday was a little iffy, but they were still swimming and fishing almost all day.  The SIATV fishing derby was also this weekend and they had a decent turnout with about 25 fisherpeople. We had hoped that more people would come out since it was a nice day but fun was had by all anyway. There were some pretty big fish caught this weekend. One was close to 20″.  One of the boys had just barely thrown his hook in the water when he pulled the big one in. When the fish got big enough and we started promoting catch and keep fishing we knew there would be some issues of how to control what was kept and it was very much abused this weekend. There were some fish kept that were not paid for.  After about the 4th or 5 th fish that I saw heading away from the pond I decided enough was enough and reminded them that they were supposed to be paying for the fish.  They did pay for a couple fish after that, but not nearly the number that they kept. And you can guarantee that type of person will be the first to complain if the price of the fishing licenses have to go up to compensate. It’s not like we are charging a fortune for the fish – only 20 cents/inch and with the kids only paying $5 to fish all weekend. I personally think that is one heck of a deal.

We have also been selling quite a bit of fresh and smoked trout in the last few days. We are just barely able to keep up with the orders and the smoked fish has been especially popular.  I did some research online to check out some recipes and then tweaked and customized and managed to get it right the first time. Now we have a Ducky secret recipe and I am the only one that knows it – ooooh the power. Actually I don’t know if anyone else can recreate it because my ‘tablespoons’ are not really measured precisely. I simply hold the actual table spoon (not the measuring spoon) and dump the spice until it is at the right level the dump. Of course ‘the right level’ is subjective to my eyeball.

Some fish from this weekend

Some fish from this weekend

We just got finished picking many, many pounds of potatoes, so if anyone wants some taters they are going to be cleared out at rock bottom prices this weekend.
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