Fiesta Weekend

I would have to say that Fiesta Weekend was a success. The Mexico-like weather most definately helped that out. I’m sure glad that I thought to plan it that way.

Some people were wondering why on earth I was collecting plastic water bottles all week and why I was wrapping them in paper on Friday evening. It all became clear when they saw them turned into Maracas by the kids. They decorated them with stickers and some artistic coloring. Then we filled them with beans and beads and set them loose to make as much noise as possible. I hope there aren’t too many parents that hate me after that craft, but the kids seemed to enjoy it.  No surprise that they also seemed to like the Pinata. They saw me heading out to the playground and all came a running. Unfortunately not all the kids got a whack at it, but they all did get some loot in the end so all was ok.DSCF3170 I think that I also found my new campground photographer on Saturday.  At the last minute before we started the whacking I realized that Haylie was sitting in the perfect spot to take pictures so I handed her the camera and let her go to town. She did a fantastic job. (for those of you that don’t know Haylie is my 8 eight year old daughter)


DSCF3171DSCF3174The Taco in a Bags and Taco Salad’s were flying out of the RDR Grill all weekend. There were a few people who had never heard of a taco in a bag that decided this weekend was the time to try it. And were quite pleased they did. I didn’t have an ice cream social planned for this weekend but got a special request to put one on at the last minute. The word was circulated at the pool and around the area while we were getting things put out and in the end had over 30 people building sundaes. It was of course the perfect ice cream day on Saturday with the temperature close to 30C. The pool was busy from Friday evening right up until almost 5pm on Sunday. We will be keeping it open for this weekend for sure and hopefully we can get one more weekend out of Mother Nature.  At this point we are planning to keep the pool open until October 5, unless we get a drastic change in temperatures and it starts freezing hard at night and not getting about 10C during the day. And that better not happen any time soon.


One of our stocked trout

This Saturday (Sept 26) is the fishing derby here that is put on by the South Interlake ATV Club. Last year the derby was held on a cool day in October and we had about 20 people fishing so hopefully with an earlier date and some sunny weather we can get an even better turnout. An added bonus this year as well is that we will be keeping the fish that are caught and they will be available to purchase later that evening. We will also be having fresh frozen trout on hand after that.

The results are in and our newest bay is now called Pintail Bay. There were some different suggestions – like Daffy Duck Bay and Duck Tape Bay which didn’t quite make the cut. Everyone settled on Pintail Bay and I am ok with that so it is now official.

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