Back in June if someone would have said that we would be getting highs near 30C on Sep 16 I am sure that someone would have shipped them off to the looney bin. But luckily this has been an amazing week and looks like it will carry on until at least after the weekend. People must be starting to believe the weekend forecast because the phone calls and bookings are starting today. I was googling around trying to find some kind of activity to put on this weekend and found that quite a few other campgrounds have what they call a fiesta weekend, so I thought hmmm why not give it a try. I didn’t really know at first exactly what we would do but things are starting to come together now. We definately had to smash a pinata (and hopefully not smash me or anyone else). The other day I came up with the idea to do a maraca craft. Some parents may not  be too thrilled with the noise after effects , but I am sure that the kids will enjoy it. We will also be putting our taco in bag on special at the RDR Grill. I am also adding in a ‘this weekend only’ special of a taco salad. Saturday evening will end off with our Fun Bingo.

Our seasonal appreciation dinner this past Saturday went very well. I didn’t get an exact count but am guessing around 60 people came out. The homegrown trout was a bit of a surprise to some as they didn’t realize what hid beneath the depths of the ponds.  Everyone certainly enjoyed their sample and some have said they will be back for more now that we are starting to sell them. The fish were cooperating quite nicely on Sunday when we wanted to cook some more up for our supper. I was sitting here  watching our resident fisherman pulling in a fish with pretty much every cast so I had to grab my camera and go check it out. You could actually watch the fish swarm the hook when it landed on the water. A lot of those were smaller ones so they all went back in then he moved on to the other pond to get the eaters. The final tally was 10 in about 1/2 an hour. They went straight from the pond to the BBQ and into our tummies. Right now there are close to 8000 fish in the ponds so the odds are looking good for the upcoming fishing derby. I was able to get a few pictures but they aren’t the greatest since we don’t have the most photogenic fish. They would rather get back in the water than pose for a camera.fish1



When we added on the new bay this summer I couldn’t come up with a good duck name at the time so I just called it Feather Bay. I was never too happy with the name and neither were  the new residents so this weekend they are planning a potluck and bay naming evening. The only stipulation is that it has to be duck related. It should be interesting to see the ideas that they come up with.

Thankfully the mosquitos have given us a bit of a break in the last few days. There were some evenings last weekend that they were just horrible but this week they have been almost non existent.

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