From one extreme to another

It never ceases to amaze me how things can go from almost or completely full the past 4 weekends to a grand total of only 10 campsites and 3 rooms booked for this weekend. The first weekend after the kids go back to school is usually a slow one. When you add in the rain today and the fact that all week they had been forecasting a rainy weekend it certainly doesn’t help. They have now decided to change the forecast and are calling for a nice weekend so hopefully we will at least get some more campers out tomorrow.  This weekend is our annual seasonal appreciation dinner so I have spent the morning getting things ready for that. We are planning on serving some home grown trout as part of the dinner, so the mission for the week has been to catch enough for everyone to sample. One night this week we also did some test runs on smoking trout. You shoulda been here cause the samples turned out pretty darn good and were gone in a hurry. We are planning to start selling both fresh, frozen and smoked trout. Watch my blog for more updates when they are available.

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