That is the best word that I can come up with to describe the long weekend.  The weather was amazing, the people were amazing and everyone was just here to have a good time and enjoy the summer finally.

Everyone was a little slow to sign up for the chicken wing eating contest, but when it came time to start the contest we had 10 people ready to go at it. Since this was our first contest we were kind of winging it and figuring things out as we went. I finally decided on starting each eater out with 25 wings and whoever ate the most in two minutes was the winner. Dennis had to modify the time because two minutes went by quickly and there were not many wings eaten yet. So we extended it to 5 minutes. The two winners of the first round – Metro and Doug went head to head with a dozen wings in the final eat off. The first round of wings were a nice BBQ flavour, but I heated things up a little for the final round. Once the dust had settled it was Metro coming out on top. A big kudos to all the contestants as they made for some great entertainment. The contest will most definately become an annual event. A big thank you also to my photographer Marilyn who got right in there to get some good shots for me to share.

sept long38sept long32

sept long28


sept long23


Hmmm.. if you have time to pose you just aren't eating fast enough.

Hmmm.. if you have time to pose you just aren't eating fast enough.


The eat off

The eat off


The Big Winner

The Big Winner


sept long1

The cupcake eating was also a huge hit with the kids. We didn’t realize how many kids were here until the rec building started filling up. There was standing room only by the time things started. We had all the tables full of kids ready to dive into the cupcakes. The idea was that they weren’t supposed to use their hands. It wasn’t really a contest but was just in fun because it was just to hard to judge the mass kaos. I myself didn’t even really see what was happening simply because of all the people around watching. Mental note for next year – prepare for more kids and make more room.

Cupcake eating

Cupcake eating

 Once the chicken wing fun was done it was time to set up for Bingo Night which also had a huge turnout. We added an extra 4 tables and everything was still full to capacity. Sunday was a bit of a slower day with most people spending the day around the pool. The Bomber game started out  with a decent crowd watching but they soon lost interest as they gave up on the Bombers. On Sunday afternoon a group of campers headed out for a paintball battle. Sounds like a lot of fun was had and some are aready preparing for a rematch. We all learned that when it is wasp season it is not a good idea to take a sip from a drink that has been sitting around. Unfortunately Dave learned this the hard way when he got stung on the tongue by a wasp who had taken over his drink. Once things settled down and we were sure a trip to the hospital wasn’t in order the only thing we could do was laugh – not at him, but rather with him. His tongue swole up so much that he could not really talk.  Luckily he is a good natured guy because as much as we felt sympathetic to how he was feeling it was just impossible to keep a straight face when he was trying to talk to you, especially with certain words like slushee which came out a lot more like tutti. The picnic shelter was pretty full for our movie for Sunday night – Paul Blart Mall Cop.

My goal now is to make people realize that we don’t shut down after the September long. We keep the pool open until the end of September and the campground is open until mid October.  Most campgrounds shut down the pool now and many close mid September so a lot of people don’t even think about being able to camp and swim for another few weeks yet. We did have one camper already take advantage of the pay as you go camping. They left the camper here after the weekend and will be coming back for the next couple weekends. I have a couple more scheduled to come in during the next few weeks. Let’s hope that mother nature continues with the nice weahter.

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