Catch and Keep Fishing

Starting this week we will be allowing successful fishermen, fisherwomen and fisherkids to keep their fish for a little campfire snack. There has been some sampling for quality control purposes around here in the last couple weeks and the finished product has turned out pretty tasty. I have posted cleaning instructions and recipes on our website as well as in the rec building so that everyone can see how simple the process is. In a quick nutshell – chop off the head, pull out the guts, wash, stuff with onions, add spices, wrap in foil, throw on the BBQ and last but not least enjoy. Simple, but good.

We are enjoying a week of nice summer weather finally. Hopefully it will hold out until long after the long weekend.  Speaking of the long weekend we are starting to get the wings and things ready. I really don’t know how many wings we may need for the chicken wing contest. I am just going to keep cooking and cooking as much as I can. It’s funny how on different weekends there will be one thing that we will sell lots of and it usually varies from weekend to weekend. One time it was rootbeer floats, next burgers and this past weekend was taco in a bag.  The rootbeer floats in particular we sold more in one weekend that we had all last season.

This will likely be our last big weekend of the year. Hopefully the weather stays nice and word is getting out that our pool stays open until almost the end of September so that we can get some more good weekends in this fall.

This little blurb passed through my inbox and thought I would share. I had never heard of glamping before.

`Glamping’ latest luxury camping trend
The newest trend among the woodsy set is a comfortable form of sleeping outdoors known as “glamorous camping.” “While they’re `glamping,’ upscale adventurers don’t skimp on the comforts of home away from home,” writes the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. In a recent survey of more than 2,000 travelers conducted by the TripAdvisor online travel community, 15 percent said they had participated in some form of “glamorous camping” that included more amenities than generally associated with traditional rustic camping. “Glamping” could include tenting at a national park with an air mattress, hot showers and flush toilets, or lounging in a furnished yurt at a luxury resort with prepared meals and a pool for upwards of $5,000 for three nights.
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