The sun has finally come out to show it’s face and it is turning into a nice spring day. Even though it was a rainy weekend this past weekend we were lucky that it didn’t affect us terribly. There were some events going on around here that didn’t fare so well. The tractor that we sponsored for the Teulon Tractor Pull didn’t pull a thing as it ended up being cancelled. From all reports Saturday was a pretty dead time around Quarry Days with even the mud bogs being postponed to Sunday. The Wish Ride did go on through in the rain and I heard that they had 100 riders and raised in the neighborhood of $50,000.  The money that we raised from DuckyFest is included in that number. Around here the rec bulding was a popular place to spend the morning. We had our usual turnout of over 30 people for the ice cream social and the tables were full for Bingo Night again. We did have to get a man in a rain suit to open the pool as the kids were getting anxious to go swimming in the rain. Movie night was even still a go Saturday evening.

We just found out that lots of the ducks will take the bread right out of your hands now. They came up to the rec building for a snack and when we went out they were all right there trying to be first in line. I didn’t realize that they had gotten so people friendly. It’s a good thing they don’t have teeth.

After a dead day yesterday with not too many people around things are starting to pick up today with 4 campers arriving.  People are finally starting to move around and get back to normal.

That was Tuesday, now fast forward to Thursday. The weekend is starting a little early today with 5 or so sites set to check in today. It has been another up and down day with sun for a couple minutes then back to cloud. At least we have been rain free so far.  It is sad that I don’t remember the last time we had a whole day without rain. At least this weekend people don’t seem to be letting it stop them from coming out. I have had no cancellations and am still booking more sites.  As of this moment is saying all sunny for Saturday so I am going to go with that and not look again. It could be a late night in the rec building with the Bomber game having a late 9:30pm start. We always seem to have some regulars come out to watch all  the games. This weekend will be the usual 2 for 1 waffles, ice cream social, and bingo night. It is also the Grand Opening for Scrapyard Paintball on this Saturday.

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