Ahh poolside in the sun

What could be better than sitting poolside on  such a fabulous day. I really don’t mean to rub it in to those of you stuck sitting in an office all day but oh well – sucks to be inside today. At least the last report I heard was that the weekend is supposed to be nice too.  Just ignore Thursday and all looks good. Things have been up and down for this weekend. At one point I had only a couple sites left and then I had a wave of cancellations. Yesterday I have a wave of bookings and now our numbers are looking up again. Sept long weekend is pretty much full. I did have a cancellation in the cabin and still have that open if anyone is interested. I don’t expect that it will last much longer.

This past weekend started out a little iffy with over an inch of rain on Thursday, but at least it redeemed itself and turned out quite nice after all. We had our usual ice cream social and bingo night to much success with good turnouts for both. The rec building was also quite full for the Bomber game on Friday night and Sunday the Grill was hopping around lunch time as we had quite a few people grab a bit to eat on the way out. The weekend ended with a Ducky paintball battle. It was seasonal against seasonal. There was 8 of them out there including Dennis and Blair (Mr Scrapyard). Those of us on the sidelines had a blast watching them. Somehow there didn’t seem to be many rules followed – it was more about fun than a real game.

My mission this week was to figure out how to run a chicken wing eating contest. Some of these contests are huge events and some of the numbers of wings that these people eat is amazing. I think that we decided that we will run ‘heats’ of two minutes each and whoever eats the most will win. Depending on the number of entries we may have to have a final round eat off between the biggest eaters. Now to figure out how many wings we need. The cupcake contest is much simpler. Just a matter of making the cupcakes and letting the kids go at it. I think the rules will actually be that they can’t use their hands, but that may or may not happen. I’m sure that some kids will use their hands anyway.

This weekend is the Monsanto summer bonspiel at the Sunova Arena  in Warren. I know that there are a few teams staying here. It seems odd to think about curling in the summer but last year it was a popular event and sounds like it will be this year too.

I almost had a huge disaster yesterday – my cordless phones died on me. If you have been around here you probably know how much time I spend answering the phone and can understand that it just wouldn’t work for me to be attached to a cord all day. Luckily the Metro Messenger Service was in Winnipeg today and my new phones are on route. For now I am forwarded to my cell phone to get me through.

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