Interlake Tourism Awards

Each year the Interlake Tourism Association hosts an awards Banquet for it’s members where various awards are handed to well deserving businesses. The following is a list of awards that they are currently accepting nominations for. Anyone is able to nominate a business simply by completing the form found here and returning it to the ITA. So if you know of an Interlake Business that you think is deserving of one of the awards be sure to get the nominations in by this Friday. If you are not sure if a business falls into the Interlake check out the website or email them at

Interlake Tourism Association Regional Tourism Awards- 2009

Service Excellence Award

This award recognizes exemplary service and enhancement of visitor experiences as demonstrated through a high degree of visitor satisfaction.


Marketing Excellence Award

This award recognizes a marketing campaign that contributes to promoting the Interlake as a quality

destination and demonstrates effectiveness in increasing tourism in and to the Interlake.


Sustainable Tourism Award

This award recognizes excellence in the delivery of a product or service that effectively demonstrates sustainable tourism practices. Sustainable Tourism is defined by the Tourism Association of Canada and Parks Canada as tourism that “actively fosters appreciation and stewardship of the natural, cultural and historic resources and special places by local residents, the tourism industry, governments and visitors. It is tourism which can be sustained over the long term because it results in a net benefit for the social, economic, natural and cultural environments of the area in which it takes place.”


Partnership Award

This award recognizes partnerships and alliances that demonstrate the power and value of cooperative approaches to tourism promotion, development or delivery in the Interlake.


Product Development Award

This award recognizes a business or organization that has developed or expanded a new or existing

tourism product.


Volunteer of the Year Award

This award recognizes outstanding contributions without financial compensation to the Interlake

tourism industry.


Interlake Award of Distinction 

This award recognizes exceptional leadership that helps the Interlake realize distinction as a high quality

tourism destination.


Non-Member Interlake Tourism Award

This award recognizes exceptional attributes in community leadership, service, marketing, product development or partnerships for a non-ITA member business or organization in the Interlake.


Directions for Nomination process:

Nominations: (all information must be complete)

1) Enter name of Business or Individual you wish to Nominate

2) Enter which Award you wish to nominate the business / individual for

3) Enter Contact information for your nominee- name, phone number & email address (if

available) (all nominees will be contacted prior to voting process)

4) Enter your contact information- you must provide your name, phone number & email address

(if available)so you can be contacted if more information is required

5) Please include the reason you have selected this individual or business for this award- be specific as these facts are what will make the difference for the judges voting on these awards.

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