My new toy…

boss blueor maybe not. This is a tractor that will be at the Teulon Tractor Pull this weekend. You can see the wheels at the back where it goes right inside the custom built trailer. We went together with Balfour Electric and Keith Cartage to sponsor Boss Blue to come to Teulon. Our decal will be on the side of the trailer and I believe also on the tractor. I hope to get some pictures of the tractor itself in action on Saturday and will post them too.  If anybody is looking for something to do head up to Teulon to see Boss Blue in action. It should be quite the sight to see.

There are a lot of things happening in the area this weekend. The annual Ride for a Child’s wish happens just north of here at the Pelletier’s. Quarry Days is happening in Stonewall with the two biggest events being the slopitch tournament and the Wonder Show’s Midway. Of course there is also lots happening here with the Ice Cream Social, Bingo and Movie Night (The Benchwarmers will be showing).

As someone said to me last week when they were calling for rain all weekend – we can either sit in the house or we can sit in the camper what difference does it make. And they were happy that they came because it was not as bad of a weekend as they were forecasting. The kids still got to do Halloween, still got to swim, still got to feed the ducks and still got to do everything they wanted to do. There weekend wasn’t affected at all.

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