Thursday already?!

It is actually Wednesday night as I start to type this, but I know there is no way it will make it to the published state before Thursday. Another great long weekend is gone and time to start thinking October. Yup it is Halloween already. I got my costumes pretty much done today with just a few final touches to make. I think that I have everything that I need for the games. All that is left is to pull out the decorations and start the fun. I am hoping that there are lots of people realllly interested in the bobbing for apples this year. It was the same price for me to order 40 pounds of bulk apples as it was to order 25 pounds of bagged ones. Sooooooo we shouldn’t run out of apples.

Scrapyard Paintball is just about set to open this weekend. Blair has a couple busy days ahead of him but all looks good for things to be rolling on Saturday. The hours have been set for Sat and Sun 10 am until dark and Mon-Fri will be by appointment only. The rates are posted on the Scrapyard page of our website for anyone who is interested.

We had 3 geese living at the Duck for a day and a half but, last night they had to go to a new home. They were passed down to us by someone who couldn’t keep them and unfortunately they didn’t fit in at the campground. They were making themselves a little  too at home in some of the campsites and just wouldn’t leave. And apparently they find pepper plants quite tasty which didn’t go over well with the pepper owners. So last night we passed them on to a new home at the neighbors.












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