One more long weekend

It is a dark and gloomy start to the August long weekend. We have had quite a few days of showers off and on but luckily we did manage to see the sun for a little while yesterday. We have had quite a few campers in this week and they haven’t let the weather stop them from enjoying their time here. The pool has still been busy with everyone just making the best of it. The forecast for this weekend doesn’t sound much better. I have had some cancellations this week, but I don’t think any were weather related and with every site that did cancel there was always someone waiting to fill the spot. We are now filled to capacity for the weekend with the exception of one site on Sunday night and a couple rooms on Friday and Sunday. This will be one of the last moments of calm before the weekend begins.

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1 Response to One more long weekend

  1. Jon Delannoy says:

    We can’t wait to stay @ Rubber Ducky! Our kids are counting down the days now!

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